CAPTRUST Financial Advisors provides advisory services to qualified plans. Providing investment advisory services as a group since 1989, we are uniquely qualified to act as advisor and fiduciary to your plan. CAPTRUST:

  • Is federally registered as an investment advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. We apply our unbiased selection and rigorous standards to help you provide quality, lower cost investment options to your plan participants.
  • Contractually accepts the role of fiduciary to your plan.  In so doing, we reduce your personal liability.
  • Utilizes an ‘open architecture’ model.  This allows us to select a full spectrum of asset classes and ‘best in class’ mutual fund managers from the entire investment universe.
  • Is a ‘revenue neutral’ provider for Freedom401k™ plans. We retain no 12b-1 fees or revenue of any kind from the funds we recommend. Any revenue received is automatically credited to plan assets

Timely, relevant, and actionable investment perspective, best practices, and planning insights for institutional and wealth management clients from CAPTRUST's Consulting Research Group.

Content includes:

  • Feature Articles
  • Investment Strategy
  • Market Thoughts
  • Fiduciary Updates
  • Position Papers

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